How to install and use Monogame.Extended

I cam across this problem a few days ago and resolved it yesterday with the help of Dylan Watson the creator of Monogame .Extended himself, I would like to share this knowledge with everyone.

  1. The library and all it’s components need to be added to every project you use.
  2. Load, start or create a new project.
  3. in Visual Studio (I use VS2017) in the right hand Solution Explorer, right click on the Solution (or the project - i used the project) and select Manage NUget packages from the drop down menu.
  4. When the NUget packet manager window opens click the browse tab.
  5. find and click on newtonsoft.json file and install it to the project. This file is needed by Monogame.Extended.
  6. Now type Monogame.Extended in the search window. This will list ONLY the Monogame.Extended files.
  7. Usually you will need only the Monogame.extended, Monogame.extended.content.pipeline. Select and install these.
  8. In your project open the content folder and double click on the content.mgcb file and open it. If this does not launch separately but opens in you VS solution, right click on the content.mgcb file and select openwith ->Monogame pipeline Tool. (this is normally default)
  9. Now in the content.mgcb window, click on the content icon in the top left box.
  10. in the bottom left box bow scroll to references and click on the righmost tab.
    11 this will open a new box from where you can add the monogame.extended content pipeline tool. find the path and add it. This is usually found in the packages folder in your project solution folder.
  11. add thiss and you are done!!
  12. enjoy Monogame.Extended!! :slight_smile:

P.S. If you need the other Mono.Ext. goodies do the same like you did to install the MonoGame.Ext. file.


Doing God’s work, man.

Great work mate. I’m always in favor of doing things to help others :slight_smile:

Just one correction I noticed…

If you install the MonoGame.Extended package it should install NewtonSoft.Json automatically for you. So you should be able to skip step 5.

True. But I included that step due to some having problems like tis one. Having trouble with succesfully installing MonoGame.Extended's packages
“Leve no stone unturned…”

I got an error that processors are missing when i add content pipeline dll. Not sure where to find the dlls.

couldnt find a default importer