How to reference fonts with spaces in names - SpriteFonts

I want to reference a font that has the name such as “Roboto Thin”, but when I use it it cannot be built.

Its just about always recommended showing what your code line looks like as there are 100s if not 1000s of ways to do things.

You on mac by any chance? I didn’t have too much trouble on windows, but was a battle on mac. You need to find out what the fonts actual name is. Could be a number of things.

Currently everything else is default, other than Roboto Thin, which doesn’t work

I am on windows

  • make sure you have the font installed

  • double click the ttf file for your font and it should display the correct name top left, make sure you enter that name in your sprite font file

  • I have seen some people suggest putting the ttf alongside the spritefont file if it cant find it (never worked for me though)