Image Corruption

Hi every time I run my game from visual studies different images are corrupted.
For example see screen shot

Now If I rebuild all content it fixes it for 1 time. The next time I run the game random images will be corrupted.
The source Img is here

Do you have any idea whats happening and what I can do to fix it.

running windows 10 visual stuides 2017.
Direct X platform

Windows 10? and which GPU / VRAM etc.

Windows 10 creators update. Rx480.

After further testing everytime I run my project different textures are like that and some get fixed or are less destorted. I also noticed that in that wiered texture is some of the 3d rendering of my game.

And in that screen I’m rendering on top of a 3d world as it’s a menu.

Basically I use a mix of 3d rendering and spritebatch.

I have no problems rendering 3d stuff.

How are you rendering the 2D objects? Are you using any shaders or post-processing effects?

Just a normal spritbatch. With a transformation matrix for scaling