iOS app variant hangs on SpriteFont load, while works win10store variant

it’s been a while, and now I decided to move my working win/ios monogame 3.5 game to actual monogame version. Not without problems but I’ve done it for win10 (formerly win8.1/wp8.1) app version. But iOS version hangs on load of simplest sprite font: MyGame.Content.Load(“TestFont”) and never returns.
This font was created with mgcb editor from scratch, not in vs project, everything by default. I’m using Monogame, Visual Studio for Mac 8.8.3 on Mac OSX Catalina 10.15.6. Xamarin iOS, Mono Framework
In my project Monogame.Framework.iOS is included.

Here’s font section in mgcb file:


#begin …/SharedFonts/TestFont.spritefont

As I said, similar setup works for win10 version, what may be wrong?

I’ve commented all font calls and now it should work somehow at least, but no!
App hangs once it calls Texture2D.FromStream().
Then I found that recently I had to move all initialization in the thread by calling Task.Run(() => Init()), I even don’t remember why but it was needed for Win version. Then I decided to try run Init() synchronously and voila! Now it worked.
You may imagine how many things I remade last several days to make it work, but answer was simple - threads. Why the heck monogame didn’t throw some exception or whatever? Anyway I can sleep now… for two days I think :slight_smile: