iOS ContentLoad Error due to stripped MG assembly

I am porting a game to iOS and couldn’t get it to load spritefonts without completely disabling the Linker (i.e. “Don’t Link”). With the Linker enabled (by default), I was getting the error: “Could not find ContentTypeReader Type” when trying to load a spritefont.

Is this to be expected? Or is there something else I can do to fix this so the Linker can still strip out unused portions of Xamarin and whatever else? (To optimize app size? Assuming that is its purpose - I am new to Linker.)

Using MonoGame Building from Windows to hardware iOS device.

This is very similar to issues on Android, the linker is trimming out assemblies it needs:

Ah yes, sorry I had forgotten to update this thread. It is the same solution that I posted on the linked thread for Android and iOS for this issue.