iOS In-App Purchasing

I need In-App Purchasing in my game, but there is very little information about iOS In-App Purchasing in monogame applications. I am not iOS developer and the xamarin sample here: looks a bit complicated.
It is not clear how to join monogame app architecture and all theese asynchronous staff from StoreKit.
It would be nice to find a small clear example.

There is no other path if you want to implement IAP. I suggest you to read the Apple documentation regarding IAP, it explains very well the asynchronous access to the store and how to handle the callbacks:

Of course the Apple doc is for ObjectiveC, but since Xamarin is an almost 1:1 mapping to the Apple API, you should easily find the C# namespace equivalent and better understand the Xamarin sample.

Thanks for the reply!
I have read the documentation and I understand it mainly. May be there are some open source monogame projects where iap is implemented (game centre examples are also would be very handy)? Making experiments in Xamarin studio on Mac OS on vmware is a real torture for those, who didn’t use Apple devices before.

Would you recommend to use Xamarin.InAppPurchase component?

I was not aware of this new component and its documentation looks extensive and fairly straighfoward to follow. Worth the try IMO.