iOS OpenAL

Monogame for mac, latest dev build from build server. Right click solution in visual studio for mac, add new project, monogame for iOS project. Debug build, target iPhone 5s iOS 11.4 in iPhone Simulator. Build, run, monogame logo, crash with OpenAL error and NoAudioHardware fatal exception.

But openal was removed years ago, only relevant post I have found said “this is fixed in 3.5, use the dev branch” and i’m on 3.6 :o

Downloaded the stable 3.6 framework instead of dev and now empty project runs but the console output has Could not open AL device - OpenAL Error: InvalidValue - so I presume the thrown exception is new in the devbranch.

I dont see why I am getting these errors running a new project when no one else seems to :o Im going to assume I have no audio atm but continue with the “stable 3.6” so I can at least try and get my game silently going and hopefully fix audio later.

Any ideas how?

okay, fixed.

I had to go back to dev branch because the “stable” apparently cant build fonts for iOS because reasons. But this brought me back to my open al exception - the no audio hardware made me wonder… is the iphone simulator attempting to map my hardware rather than emulate phone hardware?

Because I’m on a custom build for dev and I flat out ignored sound as I would not need it for coding. Except… you do! Custom mac (hackintosh) users: you MUST configure sound hardware for iOS dev else you will face this error. And good luck to you, having just spent all afternoon trying to make sound work I know what you’re in for. (shortcut: there are plug n play usb sound cards on amazon for £6 that will work and be delivered to your house tomorrow if you’re fed up of kext’s :P)