iOS - Rate App Redux...

Hi all,

Getting a big Bopscotch update ready, including relaunching on iOS… I’ve found that (much to my horror) my “rate game” button appears to have stopped working!

Here’s my code:

        public void InitiateReviewProcess(int appID)
            Successful = false;
            ErrorMessage = "";

            if (_rootViewController == null)
                _rootViewController = UIApplication.SharedApplication.Windows[0].RootViewController;

            StoreProductParameters spp = new StoreProductParameters(appID);

            _storeProductViewController.LoadProduct(spp, (ok, err) => {
                if (ok) {
                    _rootViewController.PresentViewController(_storeProductViewController,true,() => {
                        Successful = true;
                } else if (err != null) { 
                    ErrorMessage = err.ToString();

_storeProductViewController is set as a new SKStoreProductViewController when the game starts.

The game crashes when _rootViewController.PresentViewController is called.

At the moment, I am calling this using another app’s (Battleheart’s) app ID - this is because I had to take Bopscotch down from the app store a while ago when an iOS update caused it to start crashing on launch.

Can anyone advise? Thanks!