iOS resume/restart behaviour query

I’m testing the iOS version of my game and I’m seeing some odd behaviour: usually, when I hit the home key, then return to the game via pressing its icon, it resumes just fine. But sometimes - usually after a few hours inactivity, pressing the icon pulls up the game screen as it was, but the game then seems to restart completely, showing the splash screen and then continuing as if it had just been deployed.

Is this normal behaviour? Or is this a crash? I’ve tried wrapping try-catch blocks round the event handlers for OnActivated and WillEnterForeground events with any error that occurs being logged, but these have not returned anything.

Need to figure out whether this is something I’m doing wrong causing a crash - which will get the game rejected from the store - or if it’s expected behaviour - does anyone know?

If your phone/tablet runs short on memory (you launched one or two other games, or a dozen of small apps) it kills old apps. This is what happens normally, so no need to worry :slight_smile:

Phew! Thanks Nezz, that had me real worried for a bit… guess I can strip all that debug code now!

Pretty obvious that I don’t use an iPhone on a regular basis, eh? :smile: