IOS strange screen problem

I have one game I ported easy for Windows,Android and now I want to port it for IOS, so far I compiled all the class files and when I run it this is the result in landscape mode:

As you can see from the image my iphone screen looks cutted not full screen for some reason and the image is not drawed on position {X: 0;Y:0}

The red rectangle is the color from the graphic device the image below is simple Texture2D drawed at location 0,0

Any idea how to fix ti ?

P.P: This is on iphone 6

Do you have portrait enabled in Info.plist?

Nope,I only enabled Landscape Left and Ladscape Right in the Info.plist and also set the same orientation to the monoga preferences.

That definitely looks like it has setup a portrait mode viewport but rendered in landscape.

Ok,but how to fix the problem ?

When I added Lanscape + Portrait in Info.plist + inside the game all orientations after several rotations I was able to load the game in the right way.

Any suggestions about this problem and how to fix it ?

For IOS I used this post:

And downloaded monogame using NuGet is it possible to be older version ?

This issue is very close to my problem and its status is closed so I hope its compiled in some of the monogame version ?

I believe I also saw a similar problem on iOS 8, but only when using the NuGet versions. When I compiled my own version and tried with source it worked fine.

This is documented here:

You can scroll to the very bottom to grab an iOS build that is newer than what’s on NuGet.

Using the dll from the bottom of the page solved my problem :smile: