Is Game::OnExiting ever called on Android?

I am trying to hook up some logic to when my android app gets shutdown, but OnExiting never seems to get called. I am not manually shutting down my (as per Android guidelines), but I would expect OnExiting to get called when a user closes the app through the app manager.

Can someone confirm in OnExiting ever gets called on Android? If not, is this a bug or as designed?


Hi! I’m joining you on this one. After updating to 3.3, calling Game.Exit() from my ScreenManager or anywhere else, is fireing OnPause on the game activity. So is this changed on purpose or a bug? How could we handle app shutdown and restart then?

Also can someone point to example of proper way of handling android monogame app pause, resume and restart. I mean the simpliest way really, just to have all standart behaviors covered, because for now when app is paused and you try to launch it again, it doesnt start.

I’m currently using Xamarin Trial. Thanks !