Is there a way to convert a RenderTarget2D with depth to a flat Texture2D?

So, i’ve been struggling over this problem for a while. I want to render a RenderTarget2D that has it’s depth mode set to Depth24 onto a model. What i’ve been doing so far is simply changing the texture on the BasicEffect to the RenderTarget2D, but in the process, it disables the depth buffer on the RenderTarget, which is a problem.
I ended up coming with a solution that is theoretically possible, but that i haven’t figured out how to do yet. I want to convert the RenderTarget2D to a flat texture that i can then apply to the model. How can it be done?

For some context, i’m working in 3D and want to make a CCTV system where the player can check different cameras, and the cameras themselves will be rendered onto a monitor model.

When you are sampling render target as texture its depthbuffer is completely irrelevant. You can do what you said without any additional modifications. Render whatever scene you want with depth buffer on into your virtual screen RT. Then when rendering said screen model into different render target / backbuffer, bind previous render target, sample in shader, render.