Issues building SpriteFont on Mac OS

After changing from Arial to some custom fonts I can no longer build the spritefonts on Mac. I’ve tried any fix I could find online. Initially I found this and thought that would fix it -

But whatever I try, just putting the fonts in ~/Library, just in /Library, or in both, it still gives me the error that it can’t find the font. Have tried restarting as well. The fonts work fine in text editor.

I didn’t try referencing the .ttf directly but I dont think this will work anyway, because I need to have both Noto Regular and Noto CJK installed for chinese and korean localisation. If I reference the file directly I think I can only reference one or the other.

I did notice something odd though. When I click get info on the pipeline tool on mac it actually says it is 3.3, whereas doing the same on windows tells me I have 3.7. I even tried uninstalling the pipeline tool and installing again with the standalone mac pipeline installer for 3.7 and it still says 3.3

Is the wrong version getting bundled in perhaps? Noto regular is a pretty common font so I can’t imagine its the font itself at issue.