Jjagg's IPrimitiveBatcher.cs

I have a problem trying to run Jjagg’s MonoGame extension that’s available here: https://gist.github.com/Jjagg/bd0540ded0d399e716f25e00641488e1

In a nutshell I am unable to get stuff other than DrawString to show up. My guess is that this is due to transformMatrix property which I tried to set to my MonoGame.Extended.Camera2D’s GetViewMatrix but apparently had no luck. I’ve also tried to set this matrix to Matrix.Identity and set world, view & projection of basic effect MgPrimitiveBatcher in BatchBegin to values from my other basic effect, where they work fine. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks for your time.

Seems like this code always ends on line 354

My code for filling the batch follows:

@Jjagg hurry, the coffee is still fresh on this one…

Actually after all the tracing I’ve pointed out that @Jjagg used .RotatedQuarter() on a Vector2 which I believe is his own extension method and I, in my attempt to get this working commented it out. The function was used in DrawLine to which more complex functions traces. No wonder nothing showed up then. I still have no idea how this function was implemented originally.

It’s probably just to re-orient a math function like atan2.