Kni engine + BlazorGL so slow reason

I’ve just made my game working on BlazorGL and it runs on ~0.2fps. Game is working fine on OpenGL. I tried to run browser profiler and of course this info is pretty useless. Does anyone have any ideas on how to speed up Blazor or where to look for code that slows down rendering?

What’s the frame rate on OpenGL (DesktopGL?) if you disable FixedTimeStep and VSync ?

Try optimizing the game in general, even if it runs ‘good enough’ for the desktop. Generally if you optimize the game on the desktop, the improvements will transfer to other platforms, unless you are doing something that’s very slow on web, like reloading assets on every frame.
Take a second look at the Web profiler to see what is taking the majority of time.

To improve the performance on the Web platform,

  1. upgrade to the latest KNI v3.11. (instructions)
  2. upgrade framework from net6.0 to net8.0.
  3. Enable PublishAOT.

BTW, you can post questions on the KNI discussions.