Lost syntax highlighting for errors and autocomplete when accessing project on another machine

I have already installed the XML documentation via the framework.xml and it works great on my laptop and PC when I start a brand new project on each.

However, I have tried to push a project from my laptop and then access it on my desktop and when I access the file on my desktop, I lose syntax highlighting for errors aswell as autocomplete (this only seems to be the case for existing projects, starting a fresh project on either machine will give me access to autocomplete and highlight syntax errors).

I have tried the usual, reseting my PC, VS and also deleting the .vs file. Nothing has worked. I am using Visual Studio Community 2022.

Totally at a lose here! Any ideas?

Echoing this.

I have scimilar issues, from time to time, including this very thing… But no pattern I can identify…
Sometimes I can even see the AMOUNT of errors, but I can’t jump to them by clicking on the error list…

I am still wondering if there is a SHORTCUT key I am hitting by mistake, that toggles a setting or something… Sort of like how the INSERT key can be a real problem, if you aren’t aware of it, and everything is overwritten.

Sometimes I can edit code while it runs, sometimes I can’t… Sometimes I’m editing a different version than the one running, or some other thing that I feel I never asked for… Also, my computer keeps switching language settings on the keyboard, another of a million shortcuts one never asks for, and that you just have to know about…

There is just always another layer to this IT onion, because they keep adding new layers, at an exponential rate. lol.

Glad to know I am not being a total idiot! Honestly, sometimes it feels like most my time is solving things like this than actually programming games- it makes me seriously want to just give up.

Hopefully someone can help us out!

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Anyone else experienced this problem?