Mac issues

I’ve been unable to get V8.31 to work in Visual Studio for Mac. It took days to get it to the point where I can run an iOS test project. However, it won’t render anything to the screen. (It seems draw is never called)

So, I switched to my Windows machine and everything is fine except for my developer certificates. How do I authorize my Windows machine? I’ve tried exporting the certificates from my Mac but it will only export as .p12 and VS in Windows wants .p8.

Monogame 3.8.303 is working on the Mac after a VS 2022 update to v.17.6 build 1575.

There is are issues with the MGCB Editor so I’ve laid out the work around here:

In Terminal go to the project’s root directory and enter “dot net mgcb-editor”. (No quotes of course) The editor will now open.

In the code change the Content.RootDirectory to “Content/bin/iOS/Content”.

For each .xnb asset in the folder above make sure the properties are set to Content and Copy if newer.

I still can’t get my Apple certificates in Windows but it’s ok since the Mac is working now.