Mac OS minimum requirements

I’m writing my game in Visual Studio in Windows and I would like to be able to deploy it on an iPhone.
I don’t know much about Apple, and I realized that I need a Mac in order to deploy the game to an iPhone.
I got a cheap iPhone 4S and I now I’m wondering what Mac I could get. I saw a Macbook running Mac OS 10.6.8 that I may be able to buy. Would that be enough for testing my game?


From a variety of Google searches, it looks like an iPhone 4S can be updated to iOS 9 (source). So assuming you’re updated all the way (or someday might be), you’d need Xcode 7 or higher (source). Xcode 7 requires at least OS X 10.10.4 (source). You should see if the OS of that MacBook can be updated.

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Thanks for your reply. Since I’m developing on Windows with Visual Studio, my understanding is that you only need the Mac to deploy, and yon don’t need to install an IDE there. Now I’m even more confused. :sweat_smile:

Maybe check this out to understand the process. You’ll still need to build for iOS on the Mac too, but that can all be done remotely from the Windows PC over the network. You don’t really need an IDE, but it’s bundled with the SDK and build tools that you do need.

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Thanks so much for that! Everything is much more clear now.

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