Mac OSX Monogame Framebuffer was not created correctly: When deploying to device

Hello All,

I’m using the repo from Github - trying to create a IOS Game.

I havent coded anything just wanted to see if i get the cornflower blue screen upon build.

Emulator works fine, Deploying to a device (IPHONE 6 Plus and IPAD) i get this error :Framebuffer was not created correctly: FramebufferIncompleteAttachment

Any ideas?

This is wierd i still cant seem to get this working. Same error Framebuffer was not created correctly… When I use the monogame installer i get alcmacosxmixer errors…

Update- Seems like this happens with devices on IOS 9.2 Tested on a devices with IOS 9.1 installed and it worked. Any chance this can be fixed?