Making some Game Dev Tutorials :)

Well I have a tutorial on Buttons and one on an arrow selector, which you should be able to gleen some of the process from. Eventually more form elements will be added. In general most UI elements should be buttons (for evidence of this just look at most AA and AAA games). Drop downs, tho I have used them in UI’s, are not recommended for end user product UI’s (other than map editors), but they can be helpful for other screens like character creation, etc…

My tutorials as of now are more based on building game’s, and are mostly focused on the basics as most of the specifics should be filled out by the individual game as every game has its own needs. I think focusing on UI elements will would not go over well with my subscribers, though adding them over time is fine and will happen.

Monogame is more than capable of doing whatever you can dream up, but it is not really meant to be an engine like Unity (which contains more of the tools you are mentioning). Monogame has the ability to create complex UI’s you just have to code the perfect solutions for them which is the beautiful part of Monogame.

Keep in mind that every indie that makes games is doing something that is usually developed by a team of devs :slight_smile: Tooling is one of the most important things a developer can do, so I agree that these elements are helpful, but in order to move forward with Monogame you may have to spend time developing the ones you need most when they are not available. For instance the Arrow Selector took about 1-1.5 hours to make, that time is easily recouped as soon as you use it a few times. A first version of Drop Downs should probably take about 2-3 hours of work provided you know what you want them to do.


More will come over time, but if it is to slow you may need to build the ones you need most…

Part 41 i s up:

This one deals with applying the options, as well as background music.

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Part 42 is up:

This one does sound effects and a sound control class.

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Part 43 is now up:

This one covers adding a 2nd shader (throb or pulse) and also running multiple shaders.


Part 44 is now up:

This one adds the start of a menu system, and the start of what will eventually be a Character menu :wink:


Part 45 is now up:

This one deals with text wrapping, and adding a TextZone class.

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Part 46 is up:

This one adds a level exit menu, and deals with the transition between the level back to the world map, as well as fixes some minor things :slight_smile:


Part 47 is up:

This one adds Full screen functionality.

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Part 48 is up:

This one covers check boxes and a parent class called FormPart for all Form parts :slight_smile:


Part 49 is up:

This one adds a highlight HLSL shader.


Part 50 is up:

This one adds a message or Alert System.

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50 already. great milestone! awesome series!

Thanks Kay!

Ya Im quite happy with the response the series has gotten. For the most part people are being helped by it, and that is awesome!

Part 51 is up:

This one creates a library for the Engine classes.


Part 52 is up:

The one adds dismiss able messages and a win condition.


Part 53 is up:

This is part 1 of doing some simple key binds.


Part 54 is up:

The one finishes up simple key binds.


Part 55 is up:

This one starts working on an inventory system

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Congratulations on hitting 50+ Tutorial videos :champagne:

Keep at it!

Part 56 is now up:

Sorry for the long delay. Iife caught up with me :wink:

This episode continues with the inventory system, and adds picking up items.