Making some Game Dev Tutorials :)

Hey Everyone,

I have started making some Game Dev Tutorials here:

I am planning to put out 2ish per week I started with an empty windows project and I will go until this is a real game. So far there are 6 tutorials which cover the beginning stuff, but there is plenty more to come. I hope this helps some of you to get started making games!

Please let me know if you have any questions either here or on YouTube, I would be happy to answer anything that I can.


2-3 per week! that’s awesome man… your Hydraulic Empire is cool ^ _ ^y

I am really enjoying it right now, so 2-3 a week doesnt seem like alot (maybe that will change int the future… Thanks for your kinds words :slight_smile:

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Nice. You’re doing a fine job.
Here’s some stuff I’ve collected over the years. Maybe that’s of some help to you / or maybe you can add something.

And here’s the repos for all open-source stuff I did.

Maybe you can get something out of it somehow.


I will look into the links.

subscribed! keep it going :slight_smile:

Thanks Kay!

I am working on getting the next one out tomorrow :slight_smile:

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The 7th tutorial is now up:

It deals with screen scrolling :slight_smile:


what a nice! like it… keep it constant

the 8th tutorial is now up:

I deals with health and health bars.


Ha! Just realized that I just accidentally retweeted you :smile:

these are awesome! thanks!!!


Im all for being retweeted :slight_smile:


Will do :slight_smile:

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The 9th Tutorial is now up:

This one puts in a Loss/Reset loop. Things are starting to shape up :wink:


here is #10, the whole solution is downloadable with this one:

This one is mostly just cleanup work. I put it up a bit ago I just forgot to post it here…


Wow, you started to make this tutorials only few days after I start with MonoGame. Would have been useful adding MonoGame in the title imo, it just doesn’t come up when you search it.

Thanks for making this tutorials. There is not many good MonoGame tutorials out there.


I forgot to add monogame on that tutorial (fixed now). It is tagged as monogame tho… I think they just have so few views that they are further down the list when searched for… Im sure that will change over time. Thank you for your kind words, but if you want to see the new ones when they come out just subscribe and they should eventually show up in your feed…

Here is #11:

It has Random numbers, the Spider mob, and some clean up work.


Here is #12

This one starts the Building Classes off, makes projectiles view all AttackableObjects, adds a 2nd loss condition, and it does a bit of AI work.

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Your tutorials are great. Really a great community contribution. I’m sure a lot of people starting with monogame will learn from these. I know I have.