Making some Game Dev Tutorials :)


I am really glad that you find them useful! I will keep putting them out and trying to cover more and more topics.

Part 13 is up:

This one has an intro to Shaders/HLSL in the from of an Anti Aliasing shader.


Looking forward to your next update


I am trying to get the next one out tomorrow. If you havent already make sure to subscribe so that you start getting them in you feed :slight_smile:

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Part 14 is up:

This one is an intro to XML and Linq in C#. And we use it to load in levels.

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Part 15 is up:

This one shows how to use C#'s Reflecton via the Activator class, and also has a bit more XML Stuff.

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Part 16 is up:

This one adds Arrow Towers, as well as capturing a single key press on the keyboard.


Part 17 is up:

This one adds pausing the game.

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Part 18 is up:

The one adds mouse hover detection as well as buttons.


Fantastic work! I was actually looking for an up-to-date tutorial for monogame (it’s been a few years since I used it for anything).


Thank you! I hope it helps!

Just out of curiosity what were you using Monogame for before?

Mostly just testing out ideas here and there (I went to uni to study games programming about a decade ago - which is where I learnt XNA - but I ended up dropping out). Now I want to try and actually build a serious project (or as serious as one person can manage, anyway).

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Thats the same way I got my start in this stuff :slight_smile:

I really hope these tutorials are of use to you, I am mostly still going through the basics and keeping it simple. But I am hoping to get a bit more into the weeds in not to long.

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Part 19 is up:

This one adds a basic main menu, and the ability to exit the game.


Part 20 is up:

This one adds sprite sheets and 2d animations.

The full solution is available in the description of the video…

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Does anyone need a pathing tutorial? I am trying to prioritize, and feedback would be helpful on what is need :slight_smile:

that would be very nice :slight_smile:

Awesome! Then I will move that route.

Part 21 is up:

The one adds a Grid and starts to prep for A*.


Out of interest, are you planning on doing a non-video version of these tutorials at all? It would make it a lot easier to go back and look something up.