Making some Game Dev Tutorials :)


TBH I have not thought about it as yet…

My initial thoughts right now is that I dont have much time to do them (I am pretty time taxed as it is trying to get 2 out per week). But they are something I can think more about.

That being said at tutorial 10 and 20 the full solution is available which can make it much easier to catch up, or skip tutorials you dont want to watch.

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Part 22 is up:

This one covers fitting objects to the grid that we created in the previous tutorial.

A* next :slight_smile:

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Part 23 is up:

This one implements basic A* and gets us going on the right Path :slight_smile:


Really awesome man! I’ll subscribe your channel and watch them as soon as possible.


Im really glad it is helping! more coming :slight_smile:

***I had to reupload this due to the low resolution that youtube posted it at ***

Part 24 is now up:

This one deals with threading and updating our paths.

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Part 25 is up:

This one covers getting a first skill in and an Effects pipeline.

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Part 26 is now up:

This episode deals with refactoring some of our base classes (projectiles, skills, and effects) to make them a bit more robust.



Part 27 is now up:

This one starts adding things to the grid, and will slow start to flesh out levels.


part 28 is now up:

This one takes another step toward getting the level’s scene put together by adding SceneItems.

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Part 29 is now up:

This one adds currency to the game (gold) and updates sections that can use it.


part 30 is now up (Full Solution provided):

This one adds a draw manager which should help you to created more complex games :wink:


Parth 31 is now up:

This one works on doing tiled backgrounds. I hope it helps!


Part 32 is now up:

This one deals with level selection via a world map.


32, that’s a milestone!

@Tom you guys should add his channel to the tutorial list on the documentation page

Feel free to open a pull request :slight_smile:

@jjagg I will be honest, I mostly used Turtle SVN for years, so GitHub is still very new to me. I will take a look.

right now I just upload the full solution every 10 tutorials (that may change tho).

@Kay Thanks for the shout out

@MrValentine :wink: 2^5 total tutorials so far :slight_smile:

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Git takes some getting used to in general, but GitHub makes editing pages a lot easier! If you follow my link, you can

  • make changes
  • briefly describe them with a short explanation in the first textbox below, no need to fill the second one (e.g. Add Batholith to tutorials)
  • click propose changes

GitHub has an official help page for this process:

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