Maximium texture size and memory

Hi guys. I’ve had a search around and been unable to find a definitive answer to either of these.

In xna the maximum texture size was 4096x4096. In monogame i dont see an upper limit. Is it possible to use a ‘mega texture’ like some modern games use or at least something fairly enormous?

Memory: since it can compile to 64bit unlike xna im assuming i wont bump into the 1.5gb or whatever 32bit xna had. Is that true?

I’m aiming at a decent spec pc and ps4. Not mobile

MonoGame doesn’t enforce an upper limit, but the underlying graphics API might. For example, for DX9 profile (used with the reach GraphicsProfile in MonoGame) the limit is 4096x4096. For DX11 it’s at least 16384x16384. Don’t know about GL or PS4.

Those are the upper limits. If you create a 4096x4096 texture in Reach profile it will fail on a DX9.1 card.

Best bet is to stick to XNA limits,
Reach = 2048x2048
HiDef = 4096x4096

See here for a complete list of limitations on each profile.

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It would be nice to put a sticker as always on top of the topics, remembering how to use the forum: search for answers before asking, etc
This one could be found on Microsoft’s or Shawn’s website, or even here by searching…

As i said i did search and was unable to find a definitive answer. There is a lot of conflicting information out there.

I don’t really want to stick to dx9 limitations so i can use nice things like displacement shaders etc. By the time my game is finished dx9 will hopefully be long dead.

Thanks for the helpful replies though guys :slight_smile: