MG wiki doc error ?

On the wiki, there is this sentence:

On DirectX platforms use the SV_Position semantic instead of POSITION in vertex shader inputs.

But, when running a game using a shader which use SV_POSITION everywhere instead of POSITION0, I get this exception (seems harmless, or at least not fatal, as program continue running)

Exception levée : ‘SharpDX.SharpDXException’ dans SharpDX.dll
Warning: Vertex shader uses semantic ‘SV_Position’ for input register. Please update the shader and use the semantic ‘POSITION0’ instead. The semantic ‘SV_Position’ should only be used for the vertex shader output or pixel shader input!

SharpDX says the exact opposite of the wiki, which may be a bit out of date.
(with MonoGame dev)

I use POSITION0 semantic as in the original tutorial and it’s work, effect compile fine and ShaprDX looks like happy, and the result is as expected.