Missing XML Documentation

Does anybody know why there is no XML documentation in the Microsoft.XNA.Framework files? Take the _spriteBatch.Draw() method for example, I’m using ctrl+shift+space to bring up the overload information for the method, but no documentation is showing for what this method does or what the properties do. I can clearly see in the MonoGame Github source code that there is supposed to be XML comments in these files, but they are for some reason completely missing from my project?

I installed the framework the way the website recommends, through the templates extension. Would be a big help to know why it isn’t showing up for me, as having those comments would really help learn rather than constantly looking up API information on the website.

Hi, and welcome to the forums/community.

The reason the intellisense isn’t showing the XML documentation is of no configuration or fault of your own. For the intellisense to show the XML documentation, the .xml file has to be included in with the .dll in the NuGet.

Unfortunately, it looks like the current version of MonoGame 3.8.1 does not include the accompioning XML files for the intellisense to show it properly. It just has the .dll that’s included.

Might have just been an oversight or mistake when the 3.8.1 release was pushed, as the previous versions did include the XML file in the NuGet.



Curious, How would one manually add the documentation back in? Is the .xml file stored in the MonoGame repo somewhere?




Thank you for figuring this out and explaining it. Good to know it wasn’t something I was missing when setting everything up.

Real shame to hear this was possibly an oversight, hopefully it can be fixed in a future update as that information within Visual Studio helps massively. Like Brett, I’d like to know if this could possibly be added manually.

Hey @Redmark and @Brett, just posted this. See this for how to add the intellisense back

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Excellent, it worked as intended.

I was trying to create a color that was slightly darker than Color.Gray, but was annoyed I couldn’t see the RGB values without searching online. But no more, with this update, I can see the RGB values via Intellisense again!

Thank you.



Another solution would be to replace the official MonoGame nuget with the KNI builds,


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