Model key frame animation

I’ve a model in 3ds max which has a vertex based keyframe animation. This animation is not bone based so I have a hard time finding examples or any direction to implement this animation in MonoGame.
So I’ve read that point cache is an option to export the animation and reimport in another system, so does Monogame support it as well? Could anyone give me some pointers? thanks!

Vertex-based keyframe animation is not used much these days. Skinned animation is definitely the dominant animation form. The Model class in MonoGame is intended to be a simple example for a static model only. You would need your own VertexAnimatedModel (or similar name) class that can handle multiple vertex buffers for each subobject or mesh. This would require the implementation of a custom content pipeline processor to process the imported model into a format that your model class can load and use.

I’ve really just brushed over the requirements with broad strokes, and there will be lots of implementation details still to be worked out. But this should give you an idea of where to start.

Thanks KonajuGames, seems like a bit out of my league. Since I’ve no intention of adding bones to my model (it’s a pile of jelly), I’ll try something else and maybe start from scratch.
I’ve seen that there are point cache readers for Unity so I guess it’s not that in unpopular (no offence), still I can see why you don’t want to use it much, writing custom vertexbuffers to the videomemory is quite expensive.