Models, textures and manually drawn verts question

Hi, I have a couple of questions.

Can you elaborate on the question i don’t think its clear what you mean.

Can I draw textures on top of model mesh ?

You draw models with textures typically what exactly do you mean on top of them.

Will I be able to do height maps on models.

Usually height maps are made into vertices structures that make up positional portion of terrain models, they can be programmatically generated. A height map basically makes the terrain model, which is made of vertices.

and will I be able to shift texture position or should I stick with verts?

If you mean can you replace textures on a model i would think so it might be some work to do it. When you say or should i stick with verts i guess you mean vertices ? Again models are made up from vertices indices and texture coordinates so verts are parts of a model even if you generate them yourself.

sorry was trying to do it from google drive i forgot how i did it before apparently it works then breaks.

For example the above is completely generated programatically nothing is loaded and could be normal mapped or whatever. It is a model.
If you replace the textures on a model or generate tangent frames ect you do the same things the only difference is how its made altered and or used.

Well as you see I shift texture on each drawn vertices

And that is result

but how could I do that with 3d models???

And also I will need 3d walls also with shifting textures. I made a fast 3d model example

also, I will try to make height maps painting tool drawing height of the terrain with brush

to get something like that at the end(this is not my image :).

Basically I want to make tool similar to wacrat 3 terrain/mapping tool

I cant see your image :slight_smile:

The only thing i can think of to do that is to build a quad batcher were each quad has it’s own set of uv coordinates the hardest part of doing that would be to get the edges to join up properly.

If you could assign uv coordinates to indices that would be easy why they dont allow for that on cards i dunno but as it is that’s not a easy task further you’re quads are going to need perspective alignment.
Otherwise you will get artifacts like this. A model would likely be even more difficult or impossible to do with what you are describing.