MonoGame 3.2 NuGet packages are GO!

      Just over a week ago the MonoGame released the latest full package for the MonoGame framework, now baselined at Version 3.2. This release brought numerous fixes, improvements and new features to the MonoGame platform and updated the Windows installer that had long needed some love. It took a while but I finally managed to…

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Hi, Great to see a MonoGame nugget package. I’ve only just tried to use it for the first time so not sure if this is a problem with the latest Xamarin Studio (v5) or a problem with the nuget package or a problem with me!
If I create an iOS project and follow these simple instructions on the xamarin site then the MonoGame package appears in packages fine however there is no section called ‘from packages’ in the ‘references’ section - and as such the project does not reference MonoGame.
Now, this is easy enough to work around as I don’t need to necessarily use the nuget package, however it would be nice to see it working.
As soon as I add a different nuget package then the ‘from packages’ section appears in ‘references’ along with the reference to the newly added nuget assembly, however the MonoGame project is never referenced.
Has anyone else seen this?


The instructions for these need to be made more clear. From reading everything it sounds like I should just be able to install the NeGet packages and go – but that doesn’t work. What I have found is that I have to do the Windows installer and then start a new project and then link the NuGet package to my project. Is this correct? If so why was it done that way?

Also, no matter how I do it I cannot get the Content package to work - because I have to have a current Content project to assign it to – but in VS 2013 you can’t add a content project. I’m sure I am just doing this wrong - any help with that would be appreciated.

Any chance .pdb and .xml files will be included in future releases?

I had to create a blank C# project, install monogame via nuget – and had to move everything over to the new project. Everything is working fine after that.

Gratisan Crew
Great Nice Article

For dev access it’s recommended to use source rather than the NuGet’s
We are also moving to automated builds, talk with the team about having a “dev” style release.

Sorry for just seeing this Anthony.
The primary pattern for using the MonoGame.Binaries NuGet’s is to use the MSI installer to create a new project and then remove the MG references and use the NuGet’s to get later versions.
The alternate is to use Source.

The main Monogame NuGet also includes project template files for use in clean projects (relevant to each platform) without needing the MSI (valid only for 3.2)

The 3.3 release is upcoming and I’ll be doing a new set of tutorials when it’s out. if there is anything specific (or scenario) you want covered, be sure to let me know.
For the latest info on the current dev release, check out the MVA session done by Tom and Andy -