Monogame 3.3 stable - BUGS

UIApplication.SharedApplication.Windows [0].RootViewController ... returns NULL when called during Game.Initialize() - regardless of whether called before or after base.Initialize(). This breaks Admob initialisation that was working up to some time between dev versions and

Also, my game is still freezing then crashing following returning from an incoming call.

What are the chances of these being looked into in the next couple of weeks? As the last working Monogame iOS build I have is from before the 64-bit requirement, and until this is fixed, I cannot release anything for iOS.


It will be fixed as fast as someone go throught the monogame source code find the issue and fix it.

@1111 I appreciate that Monogame is open source and worked on by volunteers - it’s fantastic that there’s such desire to keep XNA-style game development alive and growing!

The problem I face is that after two years working with Monogame as a hobbyist developer, I now have the possibility of developing a game as a commission for someone else, which will really help grow my studio beyond a hobby and into a serious venture.

Should this project go ahead, I will need to deliver the game on both Android and iOS, which makes the crash-on-resume issue a showstopper. Hence it would be good to know if someone might have a chance to look into the problem soon (I’m not asking that a fix be found in that time, just if someone might be able to look into it) so I can figure out how to approach this piece of work.

I only regret that I don’t know enough about what’s going on in the guts of Monogame to fix this issue myself!