MonoGame 3.4

This is the official MonoGame 3.4 release. This release comes in less than a month and a half since the last release, but it still has 300 commits from 16 contributors full of fixes and new features! MonoGame 3.4 for VisualStudio MonoGame 3.4 for MacOS MonoGame 3.4 Pipeline GUI Tool for MacOS atand alone installer…

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Hi, I’m running on mac and have completed the installation, however I can’t find anything in my system drive to do with Monogame 3.4, except the installer package. Can any one tell me the install location? Does it run with Xamarin or is it a standalone thing like the pipeline tool?

Great to see those public releases more often.
Hope to get some fixes for MacOS so I can release Snails on Steam for Mac.

Thanks for all community hard work.

Hi, will monogame nuget be updated soon? :smile:

I’m working on automating it which should make it instant moving forward.

NuGet Automation by tomspilman · Pull Request #3802 · MonoGame/MonoGame · GitHub

Note that we now also have a development build NuGet feed you can use here:

Just add this to your NuGet feeds and you can get the latest merged changes in the develop branch.



You can see the new 3.4 build is now up on NuGet:

… even the new Windows 10 UAP version is up there:

Let me know if you have any issues with this.

Hi Tom

The version on nuget and the release link don’t match. ( vs Could this cause any issue with the content built using one version and used on another?


Nope… there are no code differences between those versions. We just had to build the NuGet package a little later than we wanted.

Nuget works great. Glad that you’ve removed sdl references - it’s now a bit lighter.

Hi Tom,

I was forced to upgrade my OSX (Yosemite) version due to the Xamarin updates, I then grabbed the 3.4 framework for android off NuGet, I did note the removal of “Game.Activity = this” however with the new way is keeps using the base game and not my GameManager which inherits off Game and overrides the needed functions… ie: screen always draws black and not Megenta set in my Draw function (I temporarily removed splash screen)

Any help will be great Thanks

@outlawsoftware - I’m not well versed on OSX, so i’m not much help here. I suggest you start a new topic and see if someone else can help you.

I guess many of us simpletons, really keen to get an installer version which includes VS2015 templates.
Regardless awesome effort guys, deserve more attention.

Unfortunately MS seem to be promoting C++ and Unity these days, seems like they want us to go back to olden days technologies.

It would be great if the download page also included downloads for tools like MGCB.exe and 2MGFX.exe for Windows.

You might also want to update the release of the MonoGame dependencies. I had to check out with git clone to get everything from a month ago. So the release is older.

Also I ran into an issue building for Windows. I just commented out the offending lines of SoundEffect.XAudio.cs.

                if (MasterVoice == null)
                    // Let windows autodetect number of channels and sample rate.
                    //MasterVoice = new MasteringVoice(Device, XAudio2.DefaultChannels, XAudio2.DefaultSampleRate, deviceId);
                // The autodetected value of MasterVoice.ChannelMask corresponds to the speaker layout.
                //Speakers = (Speakers)MasterVoice.ChannelMask;

Since I just needed to compile the tools, I can just use the workaround…