MonoGame 3.5 missing templates in VS2013

Even the installation was not designated as a template, including the VS2013 either. This means that the boxes can’t checkable, neither. Of course after, it does not appear in the MonoGame project templates. I know which folder they are in the templates, so if the installer does not provide this, i can manually download the zip files from somewhere? Or is it a MonoGame installer bug and will be fixed in the future? Op. Win7 64bit. and the version 3.4 templates is worked.

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Previous installers assumed that the Visual Studio templates were located in the user’s Documents folder. This was a bad assumption to make because the templates can be in any location. The installer now reads the registry to determine where Visual Studio stores its project templates. If this registry key does not exist, or the folder listed in that registry key does not exist, then we can only assume that templates for that version of Visual Studio can not be installed.

In Visual Studio 2013, go to the Tools menu and select Options. Expand the Projects and Solutions node, and select General. There are three paths listed here, the first being the one we are interested in. Does that path listed for Projects location exist on your machine?

Also, if you know how to search in the registry, can you check to see if the key HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\VisualStudio\12.0\UserProjectTemplatesLocation exists?

The first path is: “C:\Users\MainName\Documents\Visual Studio 2013\Projects” -> This folder is empty.
The second (ProjectTemplates) and third (ItemTemplates) path is listened 3 folders (VB, C#, and C++), but these are all empty. But remember that the old MonoGame 3.4, in the Project Templates folder existed in the folder C #.
And in the registry, i do not have “UserProjectTemplatesLocation” after “\12.0” path.
So what can I do now? Can i do something in the registry manually, to the installation working correctly?

I think I understand better how this works now. If the registry key does not exist, use the default path in the Documents folder. I’ll update the installer for the next patch release. In the meantime, if you change the entry in Visual Studio, OK it and change it back, it should create the registry entry. Then try the installer again.

I am changed this, but not working for me, or just i don’t understand what you mean under the entry. So if you updated the next release installer, it will work then? Thanx alot.

I can’t guarantee it will work in your case. I’m making best guesses based on what you have told me. I’m hoping it will work. This is the only report I’ve seen so far of templates not being installed with the 3.5 release.

Now i installed the VS2015, and its working fine. :slightly_smiling:

I’m also currently unable to install the Monogame templates with VS 2015. I was actually using version 3.4 until the recent VS Update 2, but it seems after the update, the templates were not accessible anymore.

If I use the 3.4 installer, I can install the templates no problem, even though my template folder is not in the “Documents” folder.

Edit: Nevermind, I fiddled around with the folder settings and got it to work.

And what happens if you manually copy the “MonoGame” templates folder in the following location?

c:\Users\YourName\Documents\Visual Studio 2015\Templates\ProjectTemplates\Visual C#\

I did try copying the templates, but they still didn’t seem to show up in VS.