MonoGame 3.5 Project Templates for Visual Basic

A while back I made successful conversion for a few of the C# MonoGame project templates. This time, now that 3.5 is out, I have decided to convert the entire bundle for the latest version.

As last time I have not tested the mobile, I am a nerd who lives broke with his grandparents so I dont have money to buy the stuff to compile Android/iOS/Ouya… I dont have what is needed to use Windows Universal either. HOWEVER The conversion process is pretty universal to how it’s done so if VB is even compatible with those project types, they should technically work.

With this installer, any VS 2010 and up will be detected and the templates will be installed to the VS edition(s) of your choice.

For anyone worried the installer may be a virus I will include the direct template(zip) files. To apply these simply go to (My Documents)\Visual Studio (version)\Templates\ProjectTemplates\Visual Basic\ and make a MonoGame folder, and just drop the zip folders in DO NOT extract them.




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I’ll look at adding these to our templates so they get installed with the Windows installer.

Absolutely magnificent, my friend!!! I’m exceedingly grateful for this! :smiley: I knew that there had to be a way to do this.

Installation was a breeze and I can finally use .FBX files! I can’t believe how quickly you got this done.

Thank you Thank you THANK YOU! :grinning:

Just wanna let you know, aside from converting literal code… all i did was grabbed the zip files .csproj, vstemplateproject file and any files with a .cs extension, and changed CSharp to VisualBasic and cs to vb in all the code… and “;” to “,”. So that is LITERALLY the same exact templates that came with MonoGames installer :smiley:
By exact i meen same Zip file, same files, just “in place” modded.