MonoGame 3.5 Shaders port repository

As wrote in this post, I have set up a repository with a MonoGame 3.5 version of (for now) R.B. Whitaker HLSL tutorials for Windows DX platform (the one I use the most, I could also try with Windows GL).

There is only the first three (ambient, diffuse and specular), the model has been converted to a newer FBX version (embed texture INSIDE a model is definitely a very bad choice, because of relative path stored in it).
All shaders works more or less as the original XNA version with some little differences, I have already gathered side by side pictures for comparison. There are warning (‘implicit truncation of vector type’ mostly), they may or may not be harmless.

It would be great if people using another platform create PR for their own if needed, and also comment and/or fix on shaders code for those who knows HLSL programming better than me.