MonoGame 3.8 does not install properly

I installed MonoGame 3.8 on Windows 10 and Visual Studio 2019.
When I created an empty project Game1, I saw a yellow caution mark on the package dependencies and it seems the package is not installed correctly.

Do you know of any causes or solutions?

I am continuing to investigate the cause of the problem. The error message is shown in the attached image.

Hi, Everyone.
I finally figured out the cause.
When running mgcb, I got the error “The MonoGame content tools only work on a 64-bit OS.”
But my OS is Windows 10 Pro (64bit).
I thought dotnet.exe was suspicious and looked at my PATH and found it in C:\Program Files (x86)\dotnet.
I removed that directory from my PATH and made sure my PATH was in the 64bit dotnet.exe file, and then I found the created When I opened the project, I was able to build it with no errors!



Good you found out and helpful for others that you shared the reason too. Could you open an issue on GitHub so that this gets reviewed / fixed?

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I hope my posts will help others who are struggling with similar issues.
I’ve never put up an Isshue on GitHub, but I’ll write it up.

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