Monogame 3.8 Install on VS 2019 causing Issues with Dependencies

So I have been trying to install Monogame 3.8 for 3 days now, each day with no success. I have tried many fresh installs of VS 2019 and of the Monogame extension within VS, and it has had no success. I also found on the forums someone who seemed to have a very similar issue to me, and I tried to fix it via their method and it did not work (their community post: MonoGame 3.8 does not install properly). I am completely stumped as to what I can do to get Monogame to install for me correctly. Below are screenshots of my VS and the errors which I encouter (notice the yellow icon next to the Dependencies within the template project)

Thank you so much in advance to anyone that sees this and even attempts to help me. I really would love to get Monogame to work

does your user id folder have a space in it?

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Yes it does. Should I rename it?

Thank you so much!