Monogame for nintendo Switch

Hi Monogame Team, I’m interested on make a game for Nintendo Switch, What I need to use monogame for This Game console? note: I’m developer registered for nintendo, so what is the next step to use this awesome framework

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I last heard to get in touch with @Tom or @KonajuGames


Here is the full process for anyone else who comes across this post in the future.

You first need to register to become a licensed Nintendo Switch developer.

Once have gotten into the Nintendo Switch development program you can purchase devkit which is very reasonably priced.

You can then request access to MonoGame for Switch (which is free to use) from the middleware directory on the Nintendo Developer Portal.


Hi @Tom
Thanks for your fast response, Indeed we are currently registered and our Devkit is on the way
We made the request for monoGame from Middleware section on this week but we don’t have receive an answer from them.
Will you know how long time takes this stage?
or if you can share us any experience with this phase

You will get access here soon.

Hi @Tom

Many thanks :smiley:

Hello Tom,
Is the porting of a game created for pc pretty straightforward? Just to have an idea.


Generally yes… but it all depends on the details.

If your game uses MonoGame and core .NET APIs for all of your game you’ll be fine. If your PC game depends on weird stuff… say you used Awesomium.NET to generate your UIs… you are likely screwed.

Some of the less obvious stuff. Obeying the title safe area. Making sure your UI/text is legible sitting 10 feet away on a couch. Keeping your save files small and knowing its maximum size. Does your game use more system and video memory than the console supports?

Other than all that… the process is pretty quick and simple. Most ports you can be running on the console within a few days.

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Thanks for the answer Tom! Perfectly clear!

Would it be safe to use GeonBit.UI for a project (that I hope to port to the Nintendo Switch)?


Do inputs work straight out of the box?

I have registered for a nintendo developer account, but I can’t fin any information on where to order a dev kit our how to access middleware. I don’t really even see any mention of the switch. Did things change since this post?

Once you get access to the developer site you can find the “hardware list” and “middleware” under “Getting Started” then in the “Nintendo Switch” section.

I seems like they’ve changed something. I sent an email to Nintendo support because I only Wii U and 3DS in the devices list.

Sounds like they haven’t given you access to the Switch side of the developer site.

Bump, does anyone know what the current price for the hardware is right now?

Also, I assume a Desktop_OpenGL MonoGame project?

What issues would one have besides shaders when porting to a Switch from UWP/XBOX besides UI and Input?

Thanks and hopefully this bump is helpful for newcomers.

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