MonoGame for PlayStation 4

The big news this week is that MonoGame is coming to PlayStation 4. Open-source game development framework MonoGame will be free for all registered PS4 developers. – Develop Unity, GameMaker: Studio and MonoGame are three of the most commonly used development tools for indies and students. – Polygon The company has entered into partnerships to…

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Great news!!

We’re an independent developer studio registered as PS4 developer and we have a MonoGame title running under Windows, Linux and OSX. We will be very interested in porting this title to PS4.

What’s the process to follow to get access to the PS4 MonoGame version ?


If you are registered with Sony then in a few weeks you’ll see a post in their developer forums about how to access the beta.

Hello, I was just wondering if there’s been any news about the beta? I haven’t seen anything on the Playstation developer forums? Has the beta been released yet?




Things are going great with the beta.

We’ve been slowly inviting developers to try it out to over the last month and a half. Just didn’t feel it was stable enough a few weeks ago to let everyone in at once then have to help dozens of people with the same issues over and over.

That said we’re looking pretty good now and should soon invite all Sony developers to try it. We’ve had a few games using it demo’ed at various events and you should see quite a few of them at E3 in a few weeks.

Thanks for the quick reply. Best of luck with the beta - I look forward to the public release!


MonoGame for PS4 is officially “released” and is available to all licensed PS4 developers. Just check for the post in the Sony developer network forums on how to get access.

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hey, Thanks for this.

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Do you still have to form a company or can you register as a solo developer?

I know there are solo developers publishing games on PS4, but not if Sony changed their rules for forming a company or not.

What ever happened to the PlayStation Mobile SDK 2.0 and the last version of MonoGame to support it? Are there places to download the PSM 2.0 SDK still?

Sony abandoned the project. It is no longer available, so we removed support for it from MonoGame.