MonoGame.Framework.Net & GamerServices

Updating to 3.4 and I am in need of Microsoft.Xna.Framework.GamerServices. According to the changelog, they used vile wizardry to move
> “NET and GamerServices into its own MonoGame.Framework.Net assembly.”

Which is fine, if I could find the damn thing. Is it a seperate dll file? If so, where is it located? I pulled the latest commit, updated my references & all of that malarkery, and can’t find a way to use the GamerServices namespace. Using the old namespace Microsoft.Xna.Framework.GamerServices results in the error:

Error	1	The type or namespace name 'GamerServices' does not exist in the namespace 'Microsoft.Xna.Framework' (are you missing an assembly reference?)

If you are building from GitHub source, make sure you run Protobuild.exe in the root of the repo to rebuild the solution and project files.

Absolutely, all part of the latest pull. Also tried the NuGet package to see if that was any different.

To ask the question another way - how am I supposed to be able to include the GamerServices namespace with Monogame 3.4, if not Microsoft.Xna.Framework.GamerServices?

You added the assembly reference to Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Net in your project? Then you can use the Microsoft.Xna.Framework.GamerServices namespace.

I am having the same issue using the MonoGame.WindowsPhone8 NuGet package. I have no idea how to make my project building. MonoGame.Framework.dll does not contain the GamerServices namespace.

Ah, there we go - I figured it out @Andrea_Angella.

The NuGet package doesn’t include a reference to MonoGame.Framework.Net, for whatever reason. You have to pull from github, and run Protobuild.exe.

On my end, protobuild was putting the .dll files in an unexpected directory. One I was able to find the updated .dlls, I was able to include the reference.

Unless I am missing something, is this expected behaviour for the NuGet package @KonajuGames?

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Thanks. I have being able to build my solution.

Just to make your comment more complete, after running protobuild:

  • You need to build the solution MonoGame.Framework.WindowsPhone (Release for ARM and x86)

  • Copy the following files into your solution

  • MonoGame.Framework\bin\WindowsPhone\ARM\Release\MonoGame.Framework.Net.dll

  • MonoGame.Framework\bin\WindowsPhone\x86\Release\MonoGame.Framework.Net.dll

  • Reference them updating the project with something like this:

    libs\MonoGame\ARM\MonoGame.Framework.Net.dll libs\MonoGame\x86\MonoGame.Framework.Net.dll

However, this is not good and I do hope that the MonoGame team will put this dll in the NuGet package.

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Bummer. I’ve just run into this as well. I was really hoping not to have to do a pull/build from GIT.

Same here. Would really like a NuGet for MonoGame.Framework.Net as well