MonoGame Game.Run() suddenly doesn't seem to do anything

When I attempt to run my game, game.Run() appears to be doing nothing. It doesn’t open a window and returns an error code of 0. I put some WriteLine()s to check whether the game starts, and they both get called and print… My game was working and I can’t figure what (if anything) I did to break it. I don’t even call Game.Exit() anywhere in my code.

public static void Main(string[] args)
	Console.WriteLine("GAME START");
	var game = new Game();
	Console.WriteLine("GAME END");

I’m running the latest MonoGame 3.8, Windows, and it’s a WindowsDX project.

OK, the problem thickens. I switched from referencing the WindowsDX MonoGame to DesktopGL which somehow got my game working again, only to make it so I can’t set the window size? Again, working before. Using PreferredBackBuffer*.

take a look at this thread: (3.8 release) Can't change window size.

Thanks for your help, it works now! Any idea why WindowsDX broke and why I can’t change window size in the constructor? Should I open two issues on Github?

i have no idea. You should ask the devs, or maybe indeed open issues on Github. But nice to hear that it works now :slight_smile:

You can’t change window size in the constructor because the GraphicsDevice is only instantiated between calling the constructor and calling the Initialize method of the game class.