MonoGame iOS how to use .acc or .m4a

I am currently developing an iOS MonoGame app. I dont want to use .mp3 file format for my songs due to the licensing issues. I have read many MonoGame developers say that one can use .acc or .m4a instead. I personally had zero success loading any of these formats with build action set to Content and placed in the Content folder. For .aac files, no exception is raised but nothing is played either. As for .m4a files, the following exception is raised:

Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Content.ContentLoadException: Could not load FarmAmbience asset as a non-content file!

I tested with an .mp3 version and it played fine.

I am using the latest github build of MonoGame.

I couldnt use the MonoGame content project because it cant import .acc or .m4a for processing (only imports wav or mp3, and outputs mp3), so am not sure what to do here. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.