MonoGame is crashing in 16 bit depth


It seems to be a bug since forever back that the Apps made with MonoGame is crashing if you’re in 16 bit depth Graphics mode.
This happens to me on PC, as soon as I’m changing back to 32 bit it’s working again.
It’s crashing at startup on 16 bit, so I’ve made a Google and found out that there are others with the same problem long way back in time.

Have this been addressed yet?

Here’s the Exception: “Failed to create graphics device!”
And it also says that it couldn’t find a suitable graphic devise.

Modern GPU’s dropped 16bit support a while ago, either that or your OS has, check both.

I came across this myself a few months ago and my GPU did not support 16bit colour anymore which to me felt odd but made sense when I looked into it…


Try this:

But regardless, that’s a hack and less of a workaround…

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