MonoGame with VB.Net?

Downloaded the latest stable build and installed it with my VS 2017 setup. When I created a MonoGame project with Visual Basic, it fails to build with the following error:

Payload file ‘C:\Users\userdir.nuget\packages\monogame.framework.windowsuap\\lib\netcore\MonoGame.Framework\MonoGame.Framework.xr.xml’ does not exist.

It also gives this warning:

The certificate specified has expired. For more information about renewing certificates, see

What do I need to do to make this work?

Alright, so I found out how to fix the first error. I was poking around the directories the error above gave, and I found that missing file in the folder directly above where VS was looking for it. I copied it to the correct folder and the project successfully built and ran.

However, it still gives the expired certificate warning (which doesn’t prevent compile).


A new, not-expired certificate can be generated by you for local testing.

Right-click the project and go to Properties.
Go to Application > Package Manifest…
Click Packaging at the top
Click the ‘Choose Certificate…’ button
Use the dropdown of ‘Configure Certificate’ and choose the Create option.
Fill in a username and password.
It should create a .pfx that is recent that you can build to and no longer see the error.

The certificate will eventually be swapped out with one you generate from the Windows Store once you go to sign it for actual distribution.

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I haven’t so much as looked at VB since I was about 12, why are you using VB instead of C#? Just curious.

It’s much easier to read and memorize large swaths of code. My photographic memory works better with it.

Gotcha. When I was about 14 my buddy and I wrote a Link to the Past clone in VB6 using DirectDraw. It was on planet source code for awhile but they had a data loss and I think it’s gone. Actually, here’s a screenshot I dug up on the web:

Ah to be a kid again.

Probably because it is a more higher level language and more intuitive, but I must say, VB has now split from parity with C# so…. Yeah, not worth pursuing for coding with now I think…

But, scripting wise, still a winner.

This got me thinking so I made a new post to reflect on this topic.

Please just embed the image:


Have to say, that looks very good!

Yeah, I miss those days. To bad the source code got wiped.

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