Monogame/XNA tutorials, guides and resources

Some wall of text before my actual questions. Feel free to skip =D

So. I’ve just come back to MonoGame after about 7 years since I last programmed in XNA. XNA was the framework that made me fall in love with game development and it has been a secondary interest ever since.

When Microsoft dropped XNA I started to look around and try other frameworks and engines. In these 7 years I have went from libGDX (Java) to Unity to Godot. Of these I only found libGdx really enjoyable since it reminded me a lot of XNA. Unity and Godot are great engines but I never managed to enjoy the “drag and drop” + “make a script for every object” approach. It didn’t feel like game programming to me.

Anyhow - just recently i decided to go back to my roots and give MonoGame a real shoot. I started porting my old XNA games to MonoGame 3.8 and I really enjoyed it.

Now to the actual issue at hand! Having done some stuff in Unity, libgdx and Godot there was never any problem finding good 2d tutorials and guides. Coming back to MonoGame Im currently struggling bad to find any up to date resources. Sure I have found some example projects and some old XNA stuff etc - but it really seems to be a lack of resources.

I know that XNA is a bit more low level and it all comes down to the math when it comes to physics etc. But lets say I want a simple example/guide on how to do a smooth wall jump mechanic. Do I really need to read some 10 pages 2d physics tutorial from 1999? Someone must have done or shared a simple code example…

This worries me somewhat - coming back to the engine I love. I’m not a student anymore. Ive got wife, kid and work these days - and even if I could figure out the math for all the mechanics - I really don’t feel it should be necessary. Specially with such well used and mature framework as XNA/Monogame. Am i missing some goldmine of resources - or is a couple of videos and some game physics essays all that I have to work with?

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Have a gander…