Multi Window Support

I was wondering about the possibility of settings up multiple MonoGame windows managed by a single application for a project I am working on. Currently the closest solutions I have are both very limited. First I found:

This seemed like it could work well however due to restrictions on requiring you to call it from the UI thread I couldn’t get this to work (perhaps I missed something).
The other solution I found is very tedious and while I think it will work I lose a lot of the MonoGame benefits by going down this route. This solution is to replace the game class (similar to what is done to get MonoGame running inside of WinForms found here: Embedding Your MonoGame Game in a WinForms Control | Justin Aquadro), with a better platform specific implementation so that it may assist creating extra windows for me. Practically this could be done by using the reference above and spawning multiple WinForms windows yet this is a large amount of code to write and maintain for each platform so I am dubious to go down this path.
Also note that I am hoping for a cross platform solution as I am using the MonoGameUAP library with a small wrapper for each platform and because of this GameWindow.CreateWindow doesn’t exist however again I may be missing something.

I look forward to your help,
Andy A