Multilayer PSD and Adobe After Effects in Monogame

Hello everyone, I was looking for information regarding if Monogame is compatible with PSD Photoshop files and Adobe After Effects files and how would this be implemented. I coudn’t find any information in the web and aI’m fearing that Monogame is not compatible at all with the file types I just mentioned. Does anyone have any clue?

There have been PSD Importers for XNA as a content pipeline extension. Here are a couple I found

These should be easily adapted to MonoGame. These will produce Texture2D assets.

Adobe After Effects I haven’t seen anything for.

Wow thanks, I’ll try to import the first git into Monogame 3.4 and VS2013, if I success I’ll post the link to the repository here :wink:

No news about Adobe After Effects anyone? :c Or some workaround to implement effects or videos with trasparency?