multitouch doesn't work in the iOS project

I’m trying to figure out a strange behavior of my iOS project. It can’t recognize multitouch. TouchPanel.GetState() always returns 1 or 0 states, never more. I tracked it down to TouchesBegan() of IOSGameView_Touch.cs - and it never occurs for second finger.
On other platforms the same code works, also when I just tried to create new empty iOS project - everything works fine with the same monogame reference. So I guess it’s some settings issue… Any ideas where can I look?

update: further testing shows that actually it detects second touch but only in right part of the screen (iPad, landscape), the behavior is the same for landscape right and landscape left orientations (about 25% of the screen from the righ side can detect second touch) so it shouldn’t be a hardware problem…

Could you solve that? I’ve the same issue.