Need Help with Mobile Game Performance in Monogame

Hello Monogame Community,

I’m currently working on a mobile game using Monogame and encountering performance issues, particularly on lower-end devices. Despite trying various optimizations, I’m still struggling to achieve consistent performance across different devices. I would greatly appreciate any insights, tips, or best practices from the community on how to improve performance and optimize the game for a wider range of devices.
I also check this: Using Monogame with Tiled and Monogame.Extendedgen ai but I have not found any solution.
Thank you all for your help and support.

Mia smith


I’ve noticed a fairly big difference between code compilied in debug mode and release mode on Android devices. On lower end devices in particular, my application had marginal performance in debug but was fine in release. Have you compared to see if the performance issues still exist in release compilations?

Beyond that, it is hard to help without some more specifics. Do you have any experience profiling source code to try to identify where bottlenecks may exist? Are your problems on both Android and IOS builds?

If you are not familiar with how to profile, I thought Shawn Hargreaves articles on the subject were useful years ago. They have aged some, but the concepts should still be valid. See here: Shawn Hargreaves Blog Index. Below are some articles worth reading through (in my opinion).





Thanks for sharing these insights mate as I found it very much informative and useful.