NetworkGamer.Id is always 255


I am working on some network projects and I noticed that the Id of all the NetworkGamer object are always 255.

The objects are created in the GamerJoined event handler.

void GamerJoinedEventHandler(object sender, GamerJoinedEventArgs e) {          
  e.Gamer.Tag = new Player(...);

When I loop through the AllGamers property of the NetworkSession object all gamers (local and remote) have an id of 255.

foreach (NetworkGamer gamer in networkSession.AllGamers) {
 packetWriter.Write(gamer.Id); // <- 255

There is a constuctor for NetworkGamer with an Id, but there seems to be no way to get this object into the networksession.

How can I get this Id property working?


Are you talking about the xboxlive feature ?
I’m not sure about this.
Which version of Monogame are you using ?

Maybe look at this

Thanks for your answer. No, I am using systemlink. I am using Version 3.6. Right now I am trying to the get XNA Client/Server Sample running with MonoGame.