New Pc fresh install issues

Hi i have finaly got my project running on my new pc. But I had to jump through hoops to get the content to build.
I ended up having to install 2 different redistruiption packs to get it to work.

I was wondering if this is normal as I cant find any documentation to say that it is.

Running windows 10.

Thanks matt

What is this?

What did you actually do?

I have full setup guides in my profile, or see my most recently active thread on the main page ‘My Path’ for the full list.



I have full setup guides in my profile

I hate to say it, and this isn’t directed at you personally, but I feel like the answer to a standard setup question with no special caveats should (ideally) never be “look at my personal ___.” If that’s necessary then we have a severe lack of official documentation. I think this has already been a known topic of discussion lately, but here’s just another signal.

But please don’t take offense as it’s obviously not your fault if public documentation is lacking, and any help is good.

None taken, but you didn’t really respond to anything.

Have you solved your issue?

Documentation for MonoGame is obviously an issue, namely it supports so many platforms, you do the maths there.

Now, before criticising the amazing team MonoGame thankfully has, perhaps it may help you to realise it is a wholly volunteer project, nobody is getting paid - Think one guy is? not sure - and that is why the forum is here to help you along.

On another note, it’s basically XNA, to which there are plenty of books and - now dwindling - resources but nothing a waybackmachine visit cannot usually fix.

Not sure you understand what being a programmer is, but we are not just artists, we are primarily problem solvers, client needs X we provide X by way of connecting dots - literally sometimes - and as such, something is formed out of the tea/coffee and pizzas we consume.

My problem was - you guessed it - lack of documentation, my solution? I found some books to get me started and the missing bits I worked out myself, see my current thread :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: for proof of that.

So, I do have plans and am already providing what I can to help the situation, documentation takes time, and much more than you may imagine. Two of my available guides took around 6 hours each to complete, start to finish, covering as much of the process as I could to ensure nothing was missed out. Comprehensive guides are time consuming, which is why you pay so much for a book and frankly the cost of any book at typical prices is a steal of knowledge.

This isn’t for you, it’s for anyone else thinking in such a way, to judge before comprehending.

So, did you get your setup working?

Thank you for your reply.
First my pngs wouldn’t build. So I had to install 2013 redistribution pack.
Then sprite fonts wouldn’t build so I had to install 2012 redistribution pack.
This was a brand new laptop with windows 10 installed.

I wrote this post because ether I have missed a step in the documentation, which is possible, or that there is an unknow issue with missing redistribution packs.

Now I don’t have problem with missing packs. Monogames is truly amazing. It’s fantastic that my code from 10 years ago works. And searching Google and the forums for solutions is relatively easy just time-consuming.

Just some people do seem to lack the skill in searching for answers so hopefully this post will help them.

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I don’t know, I mean, I install from fresh almost every month, never have those issues, maybe I am too thorough?

I might have a go at recording all steps I take next time I do a refresh, likely end of December and see if I can: A, create a comprehensive install guide but for Windows10/UWP and B, err see if I do get said issue, but up until now, since 2013, I have never had the issue.

Must be related to something else for sure, if you don’t mind, perhaps answer a few of the following?

Is it your computer or a school registered laptop?
What brand is it?
What graphics chip does it have?
Do you fully update Windows before installing everything else?
Have you performed a clean refresh?
When you install Visual Studio, are you installing VS17 and then VS19?
Did you install the C# SDK pack inside both Visual Studio installs?
Did you install any other SDK packs, such as web dev, desktop dev etc.?
Do you manually install/update the GPU drivers?
What antivirus are you using if other than Windows Security?
Are you Admin?
Do you install Steam and a game before you begin coding? [I suspect this may be my reason for not having any issues, as Steam installs a pack thing]

Not a complete list, but maybe it may identify something.

Thanks for being a sport.

Code On!

It’s an Asus Ryzen 5 3500u with vaga 8 graphics. I bought it from amazon. This will be my mobile programming system so I’m planning on keeping it light on software.
I installed a few updates before installing visual studios 2017. I only selected c# and Windows store applications to install.
I’m thinking I should have selected the c++ stuff it may have installed redistribution packs.

Manually installed GPU drives.
Just windows antivirus.
No steam installed

On a side note I am amazed at how fast this thing is. I remember the speed isues I had with my i5 a few years ago and the hd graphics were truly awfull!

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I’m not trying to criticize anyone. On the contrary, I know both you and the MonoGame team have done great volunteer work. :slight_smile: I’m saying that if your guides are the most complete and useful, then it would be awesome to see them somewhere official instead of in a post unfortunately hidden in the forums. Then newcomers could find them more easily, and veterans could more easily point people to them. Of course until then, pointing Matt to your forum post is probably the best solution.

And I entirely understand where you’re coming from – I was also a self-taught XNA amateur some 15 years ago.

Sorry to sidetrack the thread.

Don’t worry about it, the issue is, the person who controls the website is a bit busy with a thing called ‘Life’ and it is why none of us push for changes in that regard as we do not want him to lose that aspect of his life.

One thing for certain, I will be donating a percentage of my revenue from any games using MonoGame, back to the project, and as such, I need to shift my back side and get something out the door asap.

There is a donate option on the About page:

Code On!


It’s so confusing when everyone has the same icon, a dead avatar pic……. fyi I am partially blind, so, reading names on here when they are the same length is a bit hard for me… did not realise it was two people :stuck_out_tongue:


up to win 7 included by default the 2012 2013 c++ redistributables so you never had to install them into visual studio However win10 dropped the default installation for them and decided to make them optional.

Most people eventually install them with other apps before they get to monogame so it doesn’t pop up often.
New installs are obviously the exception.

Monogame supports open gl and uses some third party dll’s that were made before that happened so they just expect that these library’s are installed but i guess they don’t do any checking to request a install for them. Maybe no one knows how to do it or its not working.
I think its open al (open gl audio) and freeimage libs that needs these redists specifically.

These are visual studio redists as the programmer you really want vs installs done from vs so it works for all future library’s you may use not just monogame so including them in the monogame download probably wouldn’t be right.

It probably should be noted on the download page i suppose and on the git hub site.

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